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Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors

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"Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors " Vocal divertimento launched by the Huacai Art Museum


In February 27, 2018, "Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors" Vocal divertimento, produced by the Opera Art Center of the Huacai Art Museum, landed on the "National Grand Theatre’s New Spring Performance Season", and completed the global premiere.

The Liederkreis of "Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors" is the original Vocal Music Suite produced by the Beijing Huaihui Huifeng Art Consultant Limited's Huaihua Opera Center. The song writer is Mo Fan, a country level composer. The inspiration of "Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors " is from collection works of Huacai Art Museum, whose name is <Garden in Dream>. The works fully interpreted the intergration of the artist's persistent pursuit of the art and the artists understanding of life

The creation background of the Vocal Music Suite is a collection of painting,whose name is"Garden in Dream" painted by Cao Dali. The work is the combination of painting and music, and the intersection of vision and hearing. We hope to interpret the hope of the Chinese in the times for the future of mankind with a common artistic language in the world. Through the depiction of an artist's artistic life process, he shows the reflection and exploration of human common feelings in the depths of human nature.

" Garden in Dream·The Tour of Colors " Vocal divertimento aims to express the deep feeling of thinking about the human destiny in the worksGarden in dream”, which is not only the cohesion of the value of the artist's life journey, but also the deep expression of the art that the exploration of the human’s common feelings. This divertimento hopes to depict the common aspiration of mankind in cultural blending through the depiction of the Chinese dream in the new era. 

 In the form of art expression, there is a space dialogue between ancient and modern, art and life. In addition to listening to the performance of the singer, the audience can appreciate the portrayal and deduction of the characters, and the vocal music suite broke the inherent frame of the vocal music, and put forward a new challenge to the singers. At the same time, using opera as a mainstream Western classical form to publicize Chinese culture can make overseas audiences more natural to accept and integrate.

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