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Huacai Art Museum was established in 2006 .Located in  Beijing Songzhuang . which was named  "The Village of Chinese Artists",  covers an area of 3400 square meters.It was designed by Xu Tiantian, a master of architecture at Harvard University who used to garnered the Excellent architectural design awards.The architectural style of the the museum is full of modern sense.Breaking the symmetry structure in the traditional sense.Creating our own characters with the irregular spaces layout as an unique professional art exhibition hall.
Hua Cai Art institutions has a unique style. A dynamic organization with the introduction of new patterns of activity to show art collections. Our unique collection of art museum is full of works of many famous Chinese artists such as:Tsao Tali、Pang Jun、Liu Shangying Bai Xiaogang、Shi Ye and many more  young outstanding artists.Hua Cai Art Museum combines the functions of art galleries and interactive cultural learning center. We can provide relevant activities for all ages of people.The design of the museum fully embodies the charms in the learning of arts. The  main purpose is enhance the sense of art of learners which rely on the rich artistic environments.Mainly focused on the visual arts .In addition music,、drama,、film biography and literature are also included.  All these activities are carried out under the guidance of experts.And this  organization is unique,which is currently the most popular as well.
Our museum open to the public.We have a wealth of experience activities specially prepared for the groups visiting the exhibition. Regardless of age, nationality and cultural background differences, everyone can participate in our activities with a friendly atmosphere, full of activity heuristic environment.
Address: XiaoPu Station.Song Zhuang,Tongzhou District.Beijing .
TEL for Appointments: +86-10-60572628
Bus:No.808 bus or No.809 to the "Xiao Pu Commercial Square"stop.Across the road then go down 300 meters straightly.
Metro:Line 6,get off at the CaoQiao station then transfer No. 813 bus to Songzhuang XiaoPu stop.
Current Exhibitions
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